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Saturday 8.7. Lybäck XCC (UCI C3)
Sunday 9.7. Lybäck XCO (UCI C2)

International MTB weekend in Kokkola, Finland, consisting of two races: XCC, or Short Track (UCI Class 3) on Saturday and XCO (UCI Class 2) on Sunday. Both races are also part of the Finnish national cup, and in juniors, the Kultainen Kampi cup. UCI categories are Men/Women Elite and M/W U19.

The competition center is located at Köykärinmäki ski stadium. The start and finish zones are on a field near the timing booth. The address of the competition center is Hiihtotie 7, 67600 Kokkola.


As an international XCC/XCO race, competitors must have a valid competition license in all but Sport categories. UCI rules and regulations are complied with, as well as the organizer’s further instructions. Participants are responsible for the consequences of their actions, caused both to themselves and to others. Competitors and other participants are responsible for their insurance coverage. Littering is forbidden along the race course, but there is a dedicated service area where litter can be dropped.

All competitors must finish the race during the same lap as the winner finishes their race, regardless of the number of laps ridden.

Race officials must be informed in case of dropping out during the race.


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Categories and Entry Fees

Lybäck XCC

Categories for adults:

  • M/W Elite (UCI C3),
  • M/W 40
  • M/W Sport
  • M50

Categories for Juniors:

  • M/W U9 (born 2015 or later), no license required
  • M/W U11 (born in 2013 and 2014)
  • M/W U13 (born 2011 and 2012)
  • M/W U15 (born 2009 and 2010)
  • M/W U17 (born 2007 and 2008)
  • M/W U19 (born 2005 and 2006)
  • Sport 8-16 (no license required)

Entry Fees

  • M/W Elite 30€
  • M/W Sport 20€
  • U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 20€
  • Sport 8-16, M/W U9 15€

Lybäck XCO

Categories for adults:

  • M/W Elite (UCI C2),
  • M/W 40,
  • M/W Sport,
  • M50

Categories for Juniors:

  • M/W U9 (born 2015 or later), no license required
  • M/W U11 (born 2013 and 2014)
  • M/W U13 (born 2011 and 2012)
  • M/W U15 (born 2009 and 2010)
  • M/W U17 (born 2007 and 2008)
  • M/W U19 (born 2005 and 2006) UCI C2
  • Junior Sport 8-16 (no license required)

Entry Fees:

  • M/W Elite 40€ (XCC + XCO 60€)
  • M/W U19 40€ (XCC + XCO 50€)
  • M/W 40, M50 25€ (XCC+XCO 40€)
  • M/W Sport 20€ (XCC+XCO 35€)
  • M/W U11, U13, U15, U17 20€ (XCC+XCO 35€)
  • M/W U9 15 € XCC+XCO 25€)

Disciplines and Courses

The length of the XCC course is about 1.2km (with the exception of M/W U11, M/W U13 and W U15 having a shorter course). The number of laps in each category will be announced before the race. The XCC course is fast and easy technically, with some technical sections. The course will be similar to the 2021 Finnish XCE Championships course but with some changes.

There are two different courses in XCO, the longer one being about 4.7km and shorter 3.6km in length. The courses will see their exact shape during the early summer, but they will be based on the courses of the 2021 Finnish XCO Championships. The maps and profiles of the courses will be published on the website before the event.

XCC Course

The length and number of laps will be announced during early summer once the courses have seen their exact shape.

XCC race track

XCO Course

Changes in the number of laps are possible and will be announced before the event.

XCO race track

Longer course 4,7 km

  • Men Elite, 6 laps
  • Women Elite, 4 laps
  • Men U19, 4 laps
  • Women U19, 3 laps
  • Men U17, 3 laps
  • Women U17, 2 laps
  • Men U15, 2 laps
  • Men 40, 4 laps
  • Men 50, 4 laps

Shorter course 3,6 km

  • Women 40, 3 laps
  • Women U15 2 laps
  • Men U13, 2 laps
  • Women U13, 1 lap
  • Men U11, 1 lap
  • Women U11, 1 lap
  • Men sport, 3 laps
  • Women sport, 2 laps
  • Junior sport, 1 lap

The competition hosts a number starts, and the schedule will be announced once the organization is aware of the total number of participants.

Start Lists

The start lists will be published on the website before the event.


The results of the competition

Race Numbers

Race numbers can be collected from the event office before the race, and they do not need to be returned.


Both the XCC and XCO courses are located at Köykäri cross-country skiing venue. The XCC course circuits around the stadium area. It is fast with some built elements (rock garden, bridge, etc.). The beginning of the XCO course circuits around the stadium area and the rest of the course circulates around and atop the Köykäri hill. The course includes rock, stones, single and double track as well as arduous ascents. Technical sections are included, and it is recommended that riders check out the course before the race.

Training on the Course

The course is open for training before the race. During the race day, a scheduled training period is arranged. Training is forbidden during the races. A GPX file of both courses will be available on the website during early summer.

Technical and Feeding Assistance

Technical and feeding assistance is allowed only at the dedicated service zone which is marked with service signs along the course. At the service zone, technical assistance can only be performed by the team’s mechanic or a neutral mechanic. Outside the service zones, competitors can only receive assistance from those riding in the same category and belonging to the same team.

Washing and Changing Facilities

Washing and changing facilities, including a sauna, are in the main building.

Venue Map

Lähtöalue = Start zone, Maali = Finish zone, Tiimiteltat = Team area, Kisareitin alku = Lap starts

Kisakanslia = Event office, Pukuhuoneet = Washing and changing facilities, Kahvila = Canteen


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Other Places to Stay

Hotel Kokkola
Kokkola Camping
Hostel 400 Kokkola
Visit Kokkola

Event Organization

Director of the event: Jaakko Suomu, +358 45 6771738, jaakko.suomu@gamlakarlebyif.fi

Course managers: Tero Lahti, Kaj Tuukkanen 

International inquiries / Partnerships: Kaj Granberg +358 50 3596564